Images, Images Everywhere...

A fantasticly simple App that adds a row of images across your page. Acts as a great attraction highlighter. The images can have a Mouse Hover effect and link direct to pages in your shop.

Can be used to highlight anything, for example highlight categories, products or manufacturers.

Bonus feature - An optional block of text can be added above and below the Image Bar so you can introduce your shop or easily enter seasonal greetings or special offers.


  • Upload two images to get a neat on hover special effect
  • Optional SEO Alternate text field for each image
  • Works with normal templates and responsive bootstrap templates
  • Flexible configuration options - just tick an image to have it appear, in the top of your page, footer
  • Great help features, with its own help page and pop-up help descriptions on every config option
  • Email support for any issues
  • Actively being developed, with new updates planned for next year (2014)

Additional Details

Features and Benefits

Add a useful advertising bar of images to your pages, with optional HTML block above and below them. The images can have an optional hover effect (by uploading two images). This module comes with great help text, good descriptions and a fireworks image template to get you started.

Each image can then be linked to any page on your site (or to any other website), you can have images appear in different areas of shop just at the click of a button.

Compliments your main menu bar and can be easily styled to match your site. Works well with normal templates and responsive bootstrap templates.

Comes with sample text and images and adobe fireworks image template.

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Immediate Download

Fast and Easy to install

You can download our App from within your Shops Backoffice Marketplace.
To purchase search in the Market Place for "ShopApps".

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