All In One Google/Facebook Remarketing & Analytics

Put your remarketing code for Google and Facebook into your customer browsers, so as they browse to other sites, you can still advertise your products to them, with the power of remarketing. The customer gets an easy access reminder for products they are searching for.


All in One markup tool. Adds the latest markup code for:

  • Facebook Audiences
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics (both the new Universial Analytics and the original)
  • Google Analytics Commerce Tracking
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Google AdWords Remarketing
  • Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager
All sections can be instantly enabled/disabled independently of each other and you can choose to display in the Header or Footer Section of you page.

Additional Details

Features and Benefits

NEW: NOW SUPPORTS Google Tag Manager (ver 1.3 onwards)

NEW: NOW SUPPORTS Google Display Advertising (ver 14 onwards)

Enable Facebook Audience and Conversion tracking as well as Google Analytics, Ecommerce, Remarketing and Adword Conversion tracking in this All in One module.

Benefit from the power of Google Ad remarketing, Google Analytics and the all new Facebook equivelents, Facebook Audiences and Facebbok Conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking also correctly detects return pages from PayPal payments, to better track Conversions and Goals with Google Analytics.

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