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Learn to love your site again. If you feel your site is looking a little dated or just in need of an update then contact us today, we can help!

If you want a brand new site, then we can organise everything for you, we can register your domain (your website name), help you choose the right look and feel and then setup and host your site.


Website Hosting

Professional Service and Support

We host your website in a UK datacentre. This ensures the fastest experience for your UK customers and helps support the UK's economy.


Emails included

At no extra charge!

Once we have registered your web name, we then setup all the email addresses you'll need.

No Expertise Required

We're technical, so you don't have to be. You focus on growing your business, we do the rest. All of our customer websites are managed by us on your behalf. We design them, install them and run them for you. If however you would prefer to make regular small changes yourselves, then we can install a tiny CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to update your pages live and online.

  • Managed websites, just fire and forget
  • We regularly check your SEO status
  • Live site visitor stats
  • Built for mobile, fast Responsive websites
  • Latest web technologies used; From the latest trendy One Page Sites, Mobile & Tablet Responsive to Ajax driven and Web 2.0

Web Analytics

It's important to measure, who's visiting your sight (and when). Otherwise how will you know how effective your latest mailshot or round of advertising is?

Our websites include a really effective, but extremely easy to use analytics tool. Login live and see when people are visiting, where they are and who is referring them to you.

SEO Optimisation

We constantly work with you to ensure your site is up to date and relevent. Search engines are getting more and more particular about what content is in your web page and how relevent it is to the searching audience, so keeping things nice and tidy and well structured is critical to reaching that all important Front Search Page

Content Management

You don't want (or need) to be an HTML expert, that's our job. However if you need to do regular updates to your website, then we have a great CMS tool for you, that allows you to update parts or all of your website `Live and Online` without risking damage to the page layout or styling.

E-commerce Solutions

We have bags of happy clients, many of which within a matter of hours had a shiney new online shop setup and hosted on our servers.

There are lots and lots of choices out there for e-commerce platforms and many new and exciting one's due for release this year. We keep an eye on them all so you don't have to and we can help you make the decision based on real live customer feedback, not just a straight head to head feature comparision.

Hosted in the UK

Because we host your website in UK datacentres, operated by UK companies. Not only are you supporting the economy, but also your UK customers will be getting the fastest experience possible.

We can deliver every kind of website you need, whether you need a simple one or two page site, or a complex application with backend databases and fancy GUI's

An additional key benefit to hosting your website in the UK is that your site will have more preference on local searches compared to websites hosted outside the UK. This is great advantage if you mainly target a local area within the UK and gives you an advantage over competitors hosted outside the UK.

Emails included

All our customers get their emails for free. You can collect your emails using any Email Client or Smartphone. We also offer a Web based interface for access to your emails from anywhere in the world.

  • Free email
  • Webmail access
  • POP, SMTP or IMAP access
  • Works with any email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or MS Mail
  • View your emails on your smartphone such as iPhone or Android

Webmail Access

Login and view your emails from any web browser.
Or... If you prefer, we can forward all your emails to your favourite email account such as gmail or hotmail/outlook etc.

Smartphone Access

Get your emails on your phone.

POP, SMTP and IMAP supported

You don't really need to know all the technical details, but this means we support all the industry standard protocols.

Individual or Group Emails

You can have Individual emails for all your team e.g. or group emails e.g. which can be delivered to multiple people.

Thousands of Templates

To help kickstart your online business, we have thousands of templates to choose from. We help you find the look and feel you prefer the most and then convert it to your own website.

We have the latest website technology available; One Page, Responsive, Ajaxed, Web 2.0 designs etc.

Happy Customers

That's our goal, plain and simple.

Fast efficient service, always helpful with great support. Teresa,

I don't understand, all of this technical stuff, but with one phone call you guys are always able to sort me out. Jimmy,

Incredibly quick turn-around we weren't sure what we actually wanted, but with just a website name and the smallest of ideas, you guys created a new website for us and after a few minor tweaks we were up and running. Mark,

Re: Prestashop Application: Module very easy to use. Looks very nice and discreet at the top of homepage. Perfect attention from the developer! Highly recommended! Luz,

So whats the damage?

These are flat, all-inclusive fees for our services, regular upgrades and support.

New Website (Monthly)

£850.00 Setup
£25.00 / Month

Unlimited Email Addresses *

2GB Web Space

1 MySQL Database

1 Domain Included **

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New Website (Yearly)

£850.00 Setup
£275.00 / Year

(1 Month Free)

Unlimited Email Addresses *

2GB Web Space

1 MySQL Database

1 Domain Included **

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Website Refresh (Monthly)

£450.00 Setup
£25.00 / Month

Unlimited Email Addresses *

2GB Web Space

1 MySQL Database

1 Domain Included **

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Website Refresh (Yearly)

£450.00 Setup
£275.00 / Year

(1 Month Free)

Unlimited Email Addresses *

2GB Web Space

1 MySQL Database

1 Domain Included**

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* Based on a fair usage policy.
** Unlimited additional domains available at an annual charge per domain (e.g. .com = £20 per year).
Monthly payments due 1 month in advance.

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